Please share your memories and/or how Fred’s message has inspired you.

Fred maybe gone but his body of work and his TED talks live on and continues to inspire future generations of healthcare professionals to think differently about patient experience. His legacy will live on.

Sue Kong

NHS Elect, UK

I am a coordinator of the Healthcare Financial Management Association’s (HFMA) Region 1 Health Care Conference for the New England Region. We had the honor of Fred joining us for the 2014 conference as our capstone speaker. Fred gave a wonderful presentation and impressed everyone he met with his genuine warmth, compassion and his commitment to transforming the patient care experience. His book made a significant impact on me and on my HFMA colleagues as a framework for re-thinking how health care organizations meet the physical and emotional needs of their patient populations. He will be very missed.

Marvin Berkowitz
BHC Consulting and Harvard Medical Faculty Physicians at BIDMC

As a close friend and mentor, Fred has been such an inspiration throughout our lives. His vision for transforming healthcare and making a difference in this world has forever touched us. As family medicine physicians, we see the amazing opportunities to transform the distress of sickness into one of support and compassion. The ideals and principles that Fred put into action are forever etched into our hearts.

Now as a palliative care physician, I am humbled by the opportunity to walk alongside those who face advanced serious illness. I will continue to take all that you taught me and share it with those who I  have the privilege to serve. Fred’s giftedness as a teacher, leader and visionary have helped him to spread the message of goodness and mercy throughout the world. I am forever blessed to have known Fred. Your legacy will live on through all the lives you have touched.

Christopher Piromalli, DO, MPH
Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium Palliative Care Medical Director

Fred was a super-magnet attracting a huge number of friends/colleagues/admirers.

 I have few heroes, and Fred is one of them.  His thinking, writing, speaking and consulting were the best … dealing with things that mattered most in a coherent, clear, precise and empowering/solution-focused way.  And all this packaged in an exceptionally classy guy along side his precious Aura.

 I was fortunate to have Fred as a periodic mentor and constant friend over the last 25 years … in this regard, I’m joined by God knows how many others.

 I morn Fred’s passing, but revel in the life he led.        

 Cheers (with tears),

Dennis D. Pointer, Ph.D.
Austin Ross - Virginia Mason Professor (retired)
Department of Health Services
School of Public Health, University of Washington - Seattle

We were fortunate to have Fred Lee present to our health care leadership group back in 2006.  I’ve kept one of his slides close by and refer to it frequently:

“Like losing weight, our problem is not with knowing how. When we want to enough, we figure out how and learn by doing.  Our problem is with being committed enough to do what it takes every day, and do it permanently, not just in short bursts of energy.”

 Cynthia Phelan
Vice President, HR
Lawrence General Hospital
Lawrence, MA

What  an amazing individual he was! I met him in Chicago a few years ago at an event at the Omni Hotel and was most impressed with him! I am sorry about his passing. Fred was a most dedicated person to excellence. 

Chuck Lauer
Former Publisher, Modern Healthcare

Fred was a pioneer and hugely admired thought leader. I remember taking him to a Ruth's Chris not knowing he was vegetarian at the time. He was most gracious. I had used his SHARE program in the 1980’s and will be grateful for what he SHARED with all of us. 

Joseph Michelli, Ph.D., CCXP, CSP
New York Times #1 Bestselling Author, Certified Customer Experience Professional,
Strategic Consultant, Certified Professional Speaker, TEDx Presenter


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