Author of the best-selling healthcare management book, If Disney Ran Your Hospital: 9 ½ Things You Would Do Differently and winner of the 2005 ACHE James A. Hamilton Book of the Year. Mr. Lee’s principles are changing cultures in healthcare nationwide by casting new light on Patient Experience & Patient Loyalty

Fred Lee had the enviable distinction of having been both a senior vice president of a major medical center and a cast member at Disney University. Disney recruited him because of his expertise in helping hospitals achieve a culture that inspires patient and employee loyalty. At Disney, he helped adapt and facilitate Disney’s healthcare version of its 3-day seminar, Disney’s Approach to Quality Service, and developed its newest seminar on Customer Loyalty. With an insider’s experience and a keen eye for cultural comparisons, he shared his insights with healthcare groups all over the country.

Fred won the 2005 ACHE James A. Hamilton healthcare book of the year with this book, If Disney Ran Your Hospital that has sold over 250,000 copies in English and almost 250,000 copies in Dutch, Portuguese, and Korean. The book is currently being translated into Mandarin Chinese and should be released in China this year.

He lectured across the United States, Australia, Belgium, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, England, and The Netherlands, sharing his passion and concepts of patient loyalty, the patient experience, and compassion of caregivers. Fred’s greatest desire was for healthcare leaders and caregivers to instill these concepts for future generations. Fred Lee will occupy a permanent place in American Healthcare’s Pantheon of Patient Loyalty, Patient Experience, and Compassion by caregivers.

In April 2015, Fred was appointed to the “My VA Advisory Committee” by Robert A. McDonald, Secretary of Veterans Affairs of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. This was a prestigious appointment that let Fred share his passion with some of the leading healthcare leaders in the country.

Fred Lee passed away on Sunday evening, March 26, 2017 of complications from neuro-surgery due to glioblastoma.

Mr. Lee inspired us to think out of the box when it comes to patient satisfaction and the experience that patient receive at our hospitals.

Cape Girardeau, MO

I read Fred Lee's book about a year ago, while on vacation. As I paged through it, I found myself agreeing with about everything he said. When I returned, our organization decided to use it as ‘must reading’ for all our managers. Since then, we invited Fred Lee to come present to us, and over 300 people were privileged to hear him speak. We found him to be very open, very real, very human. He reminded us of why we got into healthcare in the first place. The impact of Fred Lee and his book on our organization, as we move from patient satisfaction to patient experience, has been major. We've ordered 500 more copies of the book, and are finding countless ways to apply Fred's ideas within our 4 hospital organization.

Mike Halseth
Valley Health
Winchester, Virginia

Fred maybe gone but his body of work and his TED talks live on and continues to inspire future generations of healthcare professionals to think differently about patient experience. His legacy will live on.

Sue Kong
NHS Elect, UK

We were fortunate to have Fred Lee present to our health care leadership group back in 2006.  I’ve kept one of his slides close by and refer to it frequently:

“Like losing weight, our problem is not with knowing how. When we want to enough, we figure out how and learn by doing.  Our problem is with being committed enough to do what it takes every day, and do it permanently, not just in short bursts of energy.”

Cynthia Phelan
Vice President, HR
Lawrence General Hospital
Lawrence, MA

When If Disney Ran Your Hospital ... arrived, I skimmed it—like I do with more than 60 books a year. Then, on a coast-to-coast flight, I read every page with a hi-liter in hand. Uncommon wisdom, high-leverage advice. The book is now required reading for graduate students taking my course in health services marketing at the University of Washington. Bravo, Fred!

Dennis D. Pointer, PhD, Austin Ross Professor (retired),
Department of Health Services, University of Washington

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